Monday, November 3, 2008

My NiNi gets married!!!!!

Corey married his sweetheart Bridgette in the Mesa, AZ temple on October 17, 2008. It was a wonderful day. Bridgette looked SO beautiful.

All day I couldn't help but think about "my Nini..." growing up. Memories of him coming to sleep with me when he had a bad dream, helping him pick out his clothes for school, combing his hair, helping him read his scriptures, teaching him how to slow dance, helping him with his homework, etc. I just can't believe he's a grown man now. He'll always be my Nini though! :)

Makin' a statement on the big day. Haha YES FOR MARRIAGE!!

Ok, so I show up to the reception dinner (the night before the wedding), and Andrea and I were dressed almost EXACTLY the same. It was so funny but way embarassing because people probably thought we were trying to be bridesmaids. Haha so after the reception I went to Target and bought a different dress for the wedding the next morning.


Meredith said... those aren't bridesmaids outfits?? that's hilarious!!

ecuakim said...

It was so great to have you guys stay with us! One of my friends from Provo wrote on my blog..."Was your brother at the Mesa temple? I thought I saw him there!" Funny huh. Small world.

Anonymous said...

haha. I thought it was funny you two were dressed the same! Must be something to that sisters thinking alike thing.

Corey and Bridgette said...

aw that picture of you and Corey is sooo cute!!! And I love that you and Andrea looked like bridesmaids ;) haha Love ya sis... yahoo!


those pix are all so cute. i love the one of you and corey.
thats so funny about you and ann and your matching clothes. i thought for sure that you guys planned it to look the same when i saw the pix on brynn's blog of you guys...i just thought it was messed up that you didnt include brynn in it! l o freakin l.